Saffron currently occupies an area of 13000 square meters with an output of 10 Kg.
May seem small numbers accustomed to other crops, but believe to me they are not few at all.
All operations must be handmade; from the planting of the bulbs, the harvest of flowers, to the separation of the stigmas from flower, to the packaging.
The family is involved in all the various operations, which take place at various times, planting of the bulbs is carried out in August, while the collection of flowers in November. All operations require commitment and attention, only in this way we can obtain an excellence final product.

One of the most delicate operation is the so called "Sfioratura", namely the separation of stigmas from flowers to obtain the red filaments that once dried are called saffron, we put a particular emphasis in this operation, the stigmas are red only in the part that comes out from the cup of flower, while the inside is white, the white represents the uncleanness of the product making it poor quality.
The other important operation is the roasting or drying, this perhaps is the most delicate phase, the temperature should never exceed 40-45 degrees Celsius and permanence in the oven doesn't have a precise rule therefore requires a continuous control to obtain the proper drying, only in this way we can ensure optimal quality at the time of use.

Our Saffron is sold only in stigmas, this in order to guarantee the consumer that the product is 100% pure, besides the fact that the milling process break down the fibres of the product and its features are damaged.

Currently we package the product in sizes from 0.25-0.50-1 gr aimed at shops and packs of 5 and 10 gr for catering.
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